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August 7th, 2014
Fruit & yogurt in a blender

Top 10 ways of cooking with yogurt

There are many benefits to cooking with yogurt, from the way that ski yogurts are ready to use straight from the container, to the fact that they are healthier than marinating or cooking with butter or oils. If you’re looking to incorporate yogurt into your preparation then here are 10 simple ways that you can do it.

1. Smoothies. yogurts are the perfect base for smoothies, whether you use plain or a fruit flavour. Simply add your favourite ski yogurts, a couple of handfuls of the fruits that you love, blend and drink.

2. Dressings. If you’re looking to make salads even better then reduce or ditch the oil in favour of yogurt. For example, for a really refreshing dressing, add two tbsp white wine vinegar to one tbsp of chopped mint and the same of parsley and then season with black pepper.

3. Coleslaw. The mayo is the fat culprit in coleslaw so remove the guilt factor by swapping it for yogurt instead – try mixing with mustard or lemon juice for a tasty alternative.

4. Dips. On a hot day there’s no better snack than some crunchy chopped up veg and a cooling dip to enjoy them with. Don’t waste the healthy effect of your veg and skip the soured cream or mayo for a yogurt dip instead. yogurt with mint and garlic are delicious – add chopped cucumber to make tzatziki.

5. Cakes. If you want to bake without butter then yogurt is a great alternative – try a lemon yogurt cake for a deliciously moist and zingy afternoon treat with a cup of tea.

6. Marinades. With BBQ season upon us the quest for the perfect preparation for meat has begun. A yogurt marinade is not only an easy way to introduce lots of flavour into the meat but is a far healthier alternative to oil too – try mixing yogurt with lemon, garlic, ginger, paprika and cumin.

7. Puddings. Summertime desserts don’t have to be all about cream or ice cream – create a tasty pud from layers of refreshing yogurt, summer berries and toasted nuts such as almonds.

8. Tasty for little ones. Thanks to the consistency and fruity flavours, yogurt is a great way to get goodness into little ones. Create a fruit dip by mashing up banana with natural yogurt and serve with fruit pieces.

9. Yogurt pops. In the summertime, create delicious yogurt pops from yogurts mixed with fruit and then frozen.

10. Curries. If you’re making a creamy curry then switch the cream for low fat yogurt instead for less fat but no drop in flavour.