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July 7th, 2014

Summer healthy eating tips to help you get that Bikini body

Now that we’re officially at the start of the UK summer thoughts are turning towards getting that bikini body in time for holidays. Instead of dieting and trying to cut foods out, look at what you can swap into your diet this summer to get you on the right track. Whether you’re struggling to see how to make your diet healthier or you just need some inspiration on how to lose those last few pounds here are a few tips for summer eating that will set you on the right road.

Go mad for berries

Summer is the perfect time for indulging in berries of all varieties, from blueberries and strawberries to raspberries and loganberries. Swap your sugar-filled desserts for a vibrant bowl of berries for pudding instead or for breakfast add berries to granola, pancakes or waffles – with a dollop of low fat yoghurt - for a tasty, start to the day.

Include dairy

Recent research has indicated that including dairy in your diet is much more beneficial when it comes to weight loss than excluding it. According to this research three servings of low fat yogurt, milk or cheese, combined with a low calorie diet, can be a great weight loss aid for anyone looking to lose a few pounds, plus dairy foods are rich in calcium.

Drink plenty of water

It’s a common misconception that drinking lots of water will bloat the body. Actually, this is often the result of too little water being consumed – your body will only retain water if it isn’t getting enough. Incorporate plenty of water soaked fruit and veg into your diet, drink lots of water and herbal teas and cut down your salt intake.

Choose chilli

Eating foods that deliver an instant boost to your metabolism is a quick and easy way to get you on the right road to being bikini ready. Chilli is particularly good for this as they contain a compound called capsaicin that supercharges your metabolism. Incorporate fresh chilli into your meals or sprinkle dried over the top – either way you’ll get the same system boosting benefits.

These tips will help you get ready for the big bare this summer. Avoid extreme diets and over the top detoxes and opt for a healthier balanced diet instead and you’ll find it much easier to make these changes permanent.