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April 25th, 2014
Tara Cain - Sticky Fingers Blog

Ski and Me

I am Tara Cain, mother of two, dog walker, tea drinker, writer.
I started my blog Sticky Fingers in 2008 to chart the life of my growing family.
There were very few UK parenting bloggers around when I started so I just wrote for myself, knowing that one day my children would be able to look back on this space and read about the life they had; the ups, the downs, the adventures, the time they spent with their mum and dad.
I got the blogging bug after being asked by the newspaper I worked on at the time to write a blog aimed at families for the paper’s online features page. And I was hooked!

My aim is to make Sticky Fingers a living document of our lives. My children will not only have photographs to look back on, but see how we experienced the different phases in our life and, hopefully, have a little chuckle at the sometimes bizarre things you go through as a parent and child.

We have had tough times: Failing My Daughter and soaring highs and I write about those parenting issues we all struggle with http://www.thestickyfingersblog.com/2013/02/a-crack-in-the-door.html

Ski yoghurt was the ‘posh’ yoghurt when I was growing up. It was the yoghurt with the exotic flavours to try out and for a while I was hooked on the hazelnut flavour.
Now it has evolved into a family yoghurt – with something for everyone.
Perfect for lunchboxes, indulgent desserts – and cooking with!