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November 21st, 2016

Ski’s Festive Party Season 101

Sparkles, glitter, mistletoe and wine - the festive season is upon us, bringing the promise of Christmas parties galore. Yes, we appreciate it may be a few weeks away yet, but that won’t stop us planning our outfits and getting excited - plus we need time to sweet talk the babysitter…


Babysitter = your best friend!

The festive party season is always tricky to navigate when you’ve got the conundrum of a babysitter to contend with! Never underestimate your powers of persuasion when it comes to sweet talking your friends and family – put the groundwork in early and you’ll be laughing all the way to the party, whether it’s paying them some extra compliments of showering them with unexpected treats (we recommend the edible variety, or even better, the Ski variety!). Being ahead of the curve will stand you in good stead and help take the stress out of December so you can focus your efforts elsewhere… like dress shopping!

Nail your look

Running late for your Christmas meal with the girls but still need to paint your toenails? We’ve got a helpful hack that makes for the ultimate time saver – grab a peep toe shoe instead of an open sandal and you’ve already halved the amount of toenails you need to paint! Grab your favourite nail polish and paint just the first three toenails on show. You’ll be throwing those feet around the dance floor with no one any the wiser!

Wine time is our favourite time

Let’s be honest though, we’re lucky if we even remember to paint our nails in the first place, let alone spare an hour for drying time. Well fear no more, we’ve got you sorted in less than three minutes. Apply your nail varnish as normal before dipping your hands into a bowl of icy water for two to three minutes - the shock of the cold water will make your polish dry super-fast! More time for wine I hear you say…?

Dancing feet

How are you meant to enjoy your night out on the tiles if your shoes hurt so much you can barely stand?! Don’t worry - here at Ski HQ we can help you rock those fabulous shoes in style. Talcum powder and deodorant are the answer - no really - stay with us! We know it might sound strange but these two life savers will soon become your new best friends. Just sprinkle some talcum powder inside your shoes before spraying deodorant on your feet and it will help soak up the moisture, stopping any friction and blisters so you can strut your stuff all night long. Watch out Naomi and Kate!

Help the hangover  

The Christmas party season; it’s a marathon not a sprint. Look after yourself by planning ahead in case you get a sore head and you’ll be looking and feeling as fresh as you did at the last party, as you did at the first!

A quick dash to the supermarket the day before any celebrations will be well worth it come the following morning. Our hangover essentials include orange juice, paracetamol and of course, Ski, ready to stash beside your bed as little gift from sensible sober you to poor hungover tomorrow you.

Give these hacks a whirl and you’ll be dancing your way through the festive party season! We’ll cheers to that!