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August 18th, 2016

Reasons we LOVED going back to school

It may seem like yesterday that the school doors closed and your teenagers eagerly packed away their textbooks for the summer, but fast-forward six weeks and it’s time to start another school year. Whilst this may fill any teenager with a longing for endless summer months, we look back and reminisce on our favourite parts of going back to school from a grown-up (!) perspective.

Buying new stationary

Possibly the most exciting part of the new school term was the stationary shopping. Purchasing the perfect pencil case, along with 12 rulers, five protractors and 30 pens was completely necessary for academic success, or so we used to convince ourselves. Don’t get us started on gel pens, glittery or smelly – these were definitely useful for something.

New uniform

Nothing says ‘ready to learn’ like a great pair of new, shiny school shoes. If you’re as old as us, you might also remember teachers using a ruler to measure the length of your skirt to ensure it was an inch below the knee. It soon became a test to see what you could get away with while still trying to avoid detention. Hitching up skirts and tying ties as short and fat as possible was mandatory, though unfortunately for us, it would never last longer than half an hour before we were caught out.

Reuniting with friends

Six weeks is a pretty lengthy period of time for any teenager, and although you’d see your friends A LOT over the summer, there was nothing quite like the exhilaration of seeing them on the first day back. All the catching up from the summer weeks alongside the anticipation of what the next school year would bring was overwhelmingly exciting. With mobile phones and tablets allowing constant contact nowadays, our teenagers don’t know how lucky they are!

Not having any real work to do for the first few days

Everyone knew that the first few days were full of tutor group sessions and introduction to classes, A.K.A do nothing days. We all appreciated being eased into the school routine, despite it always being ruined by that one teacher who would give homework on the first day back. Why?!

Being super organised

There was nothing quite like the smell of a new textbook, or writing on the first page of a new notebook at the start of term. We always started the year with such high hopes of being really organised, with our colour coded pens and post-it notes (see, the stationary shopping did come in useful!). Though it wasn’t long before we were doing our homework in the school yard before the first bell. At least the thought was there?!

Even though our school days have come and gone, we can still relive our youth by helping our teens get ready for the new term. Even better, we can enjoy all of this without having to go to classes or deal with homework. Perfect! What were your favourite back to school memories? Head to our Facebook or Twitter and share them with us.