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August 14th, 2014
A child's lunchbox with fruit, popcorn, sandwiches & vegetables

How do you make sure your children have a balanced diet?

Children can be picky eaters, there’s no doubt about that, and all too often the high fat option seems much more attractive than the healthier alternative. However, it is possible to get your children to enjoy healthy food as part of a balanced diet so that they start making the right choices for themselves from an early age.

Eating regularly is a good way to make sure that children get used to mealtimes and don’t fall into unhealthy snacking patterns. Ideally, kids should be hungry before mealtimes but not starving – combine three meals and two snack times so that they fall every three hours and make sure children drink plenty of fluids too. Planning meals will ensure you don’t end up having to throw together whatever is in the freezer – it only takes five minutes to plan a meal and this way you can make sure you’re not caught short.

Cooking together is a very easy method for getting children interested in what they’re eating. Perhaps start by preparing a salad together and allow them to taste vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, lettuce and beetroot along the way. If children are tasting of their own accord they’re much more likely to discover something they like than if it’s put down in front of them and they know they’re required to eat it.

Be a role model, it’s amazing how the way that we behave influences what our children do. Instead of a greasy fry up enjoy a healthy yogurt and fruit breakfast and see if your children will do the same – you can layer this up like a dessert to make it seem even more attractive.

Be creative and make it fun – there’s no easier way to get children into something than by capturing their imaginations so apply your best creative juices to mealtimes and see what you can come up with. Create a fun dessert ‘flower’ from low fat yogurt, slices of apple petals, honey and toasted seeds, or present food as their favourite characters instead.

Allow treats too so that they don’t become contraband that kids crave. Just make sure that they are enjoying a good balance of treats – perhaps one day lunch includes a chocolate bar and the next a tasty low fat yogurt and some fruit.
Go for balance and don’t diet as a few treats never hurt anyone. What’s key is getting your children to understand the importance of healthy food as part of a balanced diet – if they leave home understanding how to enjoy treats whilst eating healthily too then that’s really all you can ask for.