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July 22nd, 2014
Women receiving a massage

Fitting some 'you' time into your busy schedule and treating yourself?

We live in a hectic world of instant communication, demands from work, kids, family and friends, as well as constant pressures to be better, do better and earn more. In the middle of all this it can be quite a challenge to find any time for yourself. However, without fitting some ‘you’ time into your schedule it is easy to feel overwhelmed and like things are spiraling out of control. Instead, choose a couple of the following ways to find a little down time in every busy day.


There is a new trend for meditating as more and more celebrities extol its benefits and people begin to realise how valuable that daily headspace really is – it’s even now being taught in some schools. You don’t need to meditate for long to feel the benefits – just five minutes twice a day will help you feel calmer and more focused.

Take five

Sometimes the stress of a tense day can be easily relieved by just taking a step back. Grab a book, find a comfy armchair and pick up a healthy snack – low fat yogurt or strawberry mousse, for example – then just give yourself ten minutes of complete disconnection from phones, emails, children or colleagues.


Even if you don’t have a lot of time, exercising can be enormously beneficial. Obviously there are advantages for health when it comes to regular exercise but pushing your heart rate up and getting outside can also help to clear your head, focus your thoughts and de-stress. Try a quick 15-minute cycle ride through the park, take an evening walk up a hill or just stroll around the block at lunchtime. Not only will you feel the benefits of being outside but you will get vitamin D from the sunshine too.


There’s nothing quite like pampering for helping you to switch off but it’s something that most of us tend to find quite difficult to fit into our daily routines. If you’re short on time then run a bath in the evening (or the morning), use an uplifting or relaxing bath oil, depending on your mood, treat yourself to a pampering face pack and then just lie back and relax. Even if you only manage it for 20 minutes you will feel better for the experience.

Taking time for yourself each day is essential for maintaining focus and avoiding issues with stress. It might feel like you’re going easy on yourself but actually you’ll be a much more effective colleague/boss/mother/father if you give yourself a few moments each day to recharge.