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September 19th, 2016

Embracing autumn

Whether or not you want to accept that the summer (what summer?!) has been and gone, today marks the start of autumn. While some may be jumping for joy while others run for the comfort of their blankets and cosy socks, there’s no denying that there’s lots to love about this season.


To celebrate the start of autumn, Ski has teamed up with Virgin Experience Days to offer you the chance to refresh your autumn wardrobe with a personal shopping experience at House of Fraser, complete with £200 to spend in-store, a mini makeover and goody bag! To enter for your chance to win just head to this link http://goo.gl/z1RcFo and once you’re done, have a read through our autumn highlights below.

Rainy days

Usually we slump with disappointment at the sight of rain, but during autumn, it’s a different story. As a child, it wasn’t often that the dinner ladies succumbed and allowed us to stay indoors for a ‘wet break’ so the standing and gossiping in hallways was surprisingly, a novelty. As adults, rain is a great excuse to cosy up on the sofa with your new luxurious blanket (okay… we admit it, a slanket!) in front of that Netflix box set you’ve been meaning to watch… in marathon mode – BLISS!

All new fashion

Growing up, autumn meant a whole new school wardrobe. Long gone were summer dresses and shorts and in replacement were thick woolly tights and nylon jumpers. Still, we did get to choose our own winter coat – a pivotal fashion moment. As adults, a whole new wardrobe is in order for the cooler months. Digging out your suitcases of last year’s favourites reunites you with the hat and scarf combo you used to love… this year, not so much!

Autumn walks

There’s something about a crisp autumn morning, when the weather is cold but the sun is shining, which brings a smile to anyone’s face. As kids, this was the perfect opportunity to jump around in mounds of leaves while looking for the crunchiest leaf. Fast-forward a few years and this hasn’t changed, we still love crunching through the leaves!

Bonfire night

Toffee apples, sparklers and fireworks are just a few of the reasons why we looked forward to this exciting date so much. Whether you went to your school’s annual Guy Fawkes’ event or held your own family one in the back garden, you couldn’t help but have a sense of wonder at all the pretty fireworks. Add some mulled cider and the evening is topped to perfection as a grown-up.

Comfort Food

After said autumn walks and leaf crunching (see above), heading home for a delicious mug of your mum’s hot chocolate was a firm favourite. Now, you’re the one providing the perfect hot choccy and experimenting with stews, soups and pies. In doing so, you have a new level of appreciation for slow cookers and their time-saving abilities.

So, dig out your turtlenecks and get comfy on the sofa. Autumn is here, and we’re loving it!