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August 21st, 2014
BBQ chicken skewer with green pepper & onion

5 tips for a great family BBQ

Summer is here and at this time of year there’s no better way to celebrate a warm day than with a delicious BBQ. Despite their high calorie reputation, BBQs don’t have to be unhealthy. You can create a delicious family BBQ that is balanced too – dishes that mix the healthy with the indulgent for the perfect combination of tasty and good for you.

1. Make your own burgers. Not only will you know exactly what’s going into burgers that you have made yourself but home made patties tend to be lower in fat and taste much better too. If you’re looking for something different then try spiced lamb mince rather than beef – add plenty of herbs for flavour and serve with a cool yogurt dip to avoid the mayo.

2. Mix up your options. BBQ cooking is actually a really healthy way to prepare food as you can minimise the amount of fat involved with chargrilling. Choose lean meats and fish and marinade them in plenty of herbs and spices to provide an extra kick. Switch marinade oil for yogurt for a healthier alternative. Kebabs are a great healthy way to enjoy BBQ food – add big chunks of vegetables like courgettes, pepper and red onions for colourful, crunchy taste sensations.

3. Have a great big salad. Filling up half your plate with lots of green leaves can seem a little boring but salads don’t have to be dull. Colours are key when it comes to creating a delicious accompaniment to your BBQ meats – radishes, beetroot, tomatoes, celery, peppers and carrot can all make your meal more interesting. For something more substantial try using grains like rice and couscous, or add pasta shapes. If you want to prepare a tastebud tickling dressing then plain yogurt with vinegar, oil and seasoning is delicious and healthy.

4. BBQ the veg too. As well as salads you can add a great big dose of deliciousness to your meal by BBQ-ing the veg too. Sweetcorn is a great choice and jacket potatoes cooked in aluminium foil are filling and virtually fat free.

5. Don’t forget dessert. You can prepare dessert as well as your mains on the BBQ so keep the coals warm – grilled peaches, toasted marshmallows and sweet fruit kebabs are all a fantastic way to finish off a meal. Just add a dollop of healthy yogurt for a cooling, delicious topping.

With these fantastic tips and ideas any BBQ can be both healthy and tasty – it’s all about balance, combining healthy food and great taste is a winner every time!