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February 6th, 2015

Random Act of Kindness Week

9th – 15th February is Random Acts of Kindness Week, a time to celebrate the ways in which we might all be able to improve each other’s lives through small acts of kindness that can make a real difference. If you haven’t heard of this before then it’s a relatively new idea that has been spread by those who want to make the world a better place to live in. It’s gathered a huge amount of momentum and now is a genuine movement – with Random Acts of Kindness Week the time when everyone can try it for the first time. Read More >

February 13th, 2015
Heart Shaped Pancakes

Have a Ski Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday is one of the best of British food traditions. It is derived from the word ‘shrive,’ which means to confess and is tied to the annual period of Lent, which is the six weeks before Easter during which self-denial and fasting are traditional. Shrove Tuesday takes place the day before Ash Wednesday, which is the start of Lent, and the idea of making pancakes was initially to use up all the ingredients that people would normally deny themselves during Lent. Today, even if we’re not doing Lent itself, many of us still enjoy the tradition of pancakes. Read More >

February 20th, 2015
Spring Flowers

Get ready to spring into Spring!

With the short days and dark evenings it might well feel as if spring is never going to come but it’s there, just around the corner! There are lots of advantages to springtime that we don’t get in winter, from more sunlight and better weather, to the blossom coming out on the trees and the fact that summer is just around the corner. With the increased levels of sunshine and the bright colors of the season to anticipate this is a great time to think about how you can give yourself a spring makeover too. Read More >